I don’t normally submit my name when it comes to contests, but Twitter contests seem to be the easiest ones to enter. I was perusing Twitter and happened to see a contest post for the first seven people to reply to it would win a free book.

I won and a few weeks later I received the book, Accidents Happen by Andrew Marx. I was planning on reading it at C2E2, but didn’t get a chance at all unfortunately… That was until a few days ago.

We follow Matt, the main character who is dead… but alive and signs a deal with the Devil. Can a straight shooter really be on the sidelines as an observer?

These questions aren’t answered unfortunately… You are introduced to some pretty bad ass characters though with some impressive powers / quirks called Hunters. Although what they are and what they do besides being bounty hunters / trackers aren’t really devolved into in great detail.

In reality this book is engaging, entertaining and you really do enjoy it for the three short stories you were treated too.

The first two stories had tie-ins, albeit briefly with each other in terms of scenes that had occurred in the previous story.The third one was a day in the life of “Bash” a supporting character and friend of Matt in his previous life, which deals with his horrible life-sucking job and how he just deals with it after the death of his friend.

This book truly describes Boston from Fenway park, to the subways, and really the flow of such a vibrant city in day-to-day life. There’s some wonderfully descript aspects of Vegas as well and that bustling lifestyle. Andrew writes what he knows in great detail.

The characters interact well with each other even the emotions they feel and how they react to what is being said to them. You truly feel for the main character Matt and the predicament’s that he gets put in or gets into himself… However, you never really get a feeling of completion.

The stories just leave you hanging with these huge cliffhangers on all the stories you care about. I have to say that the third story with Bash, unless he becomes intertwined with the first two stories somehow or is a Hunter in disguise and just forgets what he is… then I could see caring about it.

Andrew has told me that he’s in the process of writing another novel and this one will be based off of… well, you’ll have to read it to find it.

There are two main recommendations I want to add to finish this article / review / spotlight:

To Andrew;
I’d like you to finish this book, make a second one or third if you have the extra content to expand upon this first book. I want to know more about; What will happen to Matt. Why are these Hunters around and what are they after? How does this all tie in together.

Now, if you already have book 2 and 3 done / in process of completing the great, let me know! If not, get to it! 😀 I really liked this book.

To potential readers, this is a book that you can sit and enjoy in your spare time. You’ll get sucked into the book and into the world that is from the mind of Andrew Marx.