While I was at C2E2 2012, I happened upon the Archaia booth. They had a great deal. I picked up the Jim Henson last manuscript illustrated by Ramon Perez, called A Tale of Sand (you can see his interview about it here), The Immortals by another writer whom I have talked with David Rodriguez and I was suggested this book, Okko: Book of Water, by the friendly staff at Archaia.

I’m a fan of the Samurai eras with their stories of mystical beasts, mechanical giants and gods, a sake monk, geisha, a ronin named Okko and his follower, Noburo.

In this book we follow Okko, Noburo, a Sake Monk and the newest page named Tikku, trying to find his sister kidnapped by pirates.

With a little faith, luck, and loads of bad people to kill, they find their way into a world filled with monsters. Good thing that Okko is actually a professional monster hunter and darn good at it. This is told through the eyes of Tikku.

I went into this book with just a love of anything from that time period. As I got into the book, I really noticed the art style, especially in the action sequences. The nature and how it behaves in the panels. It’s vibrant, dangerous, colourful and dark. A true force to be reconned with.

The writing is wonderful as it flows from page to page and the banter and caste system between the characters are well done.

I know there is a volume 2 out, Cycle of Earth that I’ll be picking up next time I see Archaia at a convention. You should read it as well. Here I’ll let you borrow my copy.