This subject always reminds me of The Simpsons. Bart is trying to get sympathy his way with his Big Brother all to get back at Homer and mentions that he’s a gambler and loses at Blackjack… Now, if Homer only knew the tips that Andrew Marx’s; On 21, The Philosophy of Blackjack had then maybe, just maybe, he might have won in his dreams… Then again that’s nothing like real life because it’s a cartoon.

Now, I’m not going to say that I’m a seasoned pro gambler that can count the cards blindfolded. Far from it. In fact, the only time I’ve been to a Casino was actually to play Blackjack. Now, I’ve played a bit here and there against a computer but when you’re sitting on the first base side and you have a guy on the third base side dropping thousand dollars in Canadian money on every hand, especially when he says: “Maybe you should just quit and actually learn the rules.” or “You know this is a team game we’re here against the Dealer.” you can easily get intimidated.

Ironically, what these guys said is definitely not true. I was there to play for myself and I had luck on my side and played enough that I started with $20, made it up to $160 and when I should have quit, I didn’t and broke even. It was a good experience. If I had this book, I would have had a better grasp of not only the game but the mindset of going into it.

Andrew goes into all aspects of Blackjack from the basic to intermediate examples, and every chapter is filled with a tip at the end a set of commandments if you will that one should abide by when preparing oneself for practise as well as when you are in the casino.

He talks about counting cards and the general concepts that goes along with it. While it’s not illegal, per say, it’s frowned upon. Personally I want to play the game just for that, a game and if I win great. If I want to become serious then it comes down to this book and a ton of practise.

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  1. Albone

    Yeah, don’t listen to the douches like that. I’ve only ever had a couple of people say something to me and I always nicely enough say, “I’m watching my cards and the dealer’s.” Which is true and usually the dealer pipes in and agrees.

    Next time we meet we’ll have to exchange blackjack stories. I’ve got a doozy that includes splitting aces three times on one hand. XD