Two Geeks Talking is off to Fan Expo Canada! Not only are the newest Journalists attending but CoderMike is back and bringing another level of Video work to the show. With four people that’s four times the coverage and what better place to do that than at Fan Expo Canada’s 20th Anniversary!

1) Check out for Articles that will be posted every day of the convention. There will be articles about every aspect of Entertainment.

2) Not able to make it to Fan Expo Canada? Subscribe to my @KurtSasso Twitter Feed ( I will be using the hashtag #TGTFanExpo showcasing what I’m seeing/doing.

It won’t be just me this time around.

CoderMike is Back! This time he’ll be will be taking videos from the con and other panels and things that interest him. Even writing an Article about a new Teletoon at Night called The Awesomes. But, he’ll only go into detail as much as he’s allowed to. It’s hosted by Fearless Fred (He’s been on the show before through Big Sexy Comics).

Sarah will also be in attendance interviewing and taking photos. This will be her very FIRST Comic Con and what a convention to be at. 20th Anniversary of Fan Expo Canada!

Jeannie will be there as well (I believe Saturday… but maybe other days) She will be writing articles about her experiences and other things that she sees.

3) Do me a favour. If you see one of us (OR any of us) We’ll have our TGT Hats on, or Hats and a Two Geeks Talking T-Shirt.

Ask to have your photo taken with us. I would love to see it on Social media. This is the only time I really get out and I’m glad to do so with so many awesome people. Just tag @KurtSasso and @TGTMedia when you post it.

4) This year we’ll be attending some of the amazing panels as well. Primarily I’ll be attending the Showcase and Lost Girl Series panels as they have been a part of my convention experience and life for the past five years.

5) As the Convention goes on you can also follow my Instagram IG: KurtSasso, Twitter: @KurtSasso, Facebook / Site posts will be done at the end of each day.

6) There will be Wifi access (I think it may be down at times but if you have questions or people you want to see interviewed, Tweet them to me (@KurtSasso) and I’ll do what I can.

*NOTE* Celebrities that are there, if not previously arranged are impossible to get to. If they are on a Panel we will try our best to ask any questions you have… I can’t guarantee it but we’ll try.

7) FINAL NOTE… the TGT Tournament Round 3 is STILL going on during the convention. Vote every Hour!