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Welcome to TGT Tournament 6 – Round 3! This year we have a great batch of combatants in the Entertainment industries of Comics, TV/Film, Music, Video Games, Cosplayers and Literary Authors. Episodes 251 – 309 are in Round3 and it’s up to YOU to vote for your favourite interview.

If you haven’t listened to them, click on the one you want to see/hear (there is a mix of both Audio and Video shows this year) and then vote for your favourite interview.

RULES / F.A.Q. for the Tournament

How many times can I vote?
You can vote once every hour until the round ends. (Take the time to vote in ALL Brackets, it’s polite).

Use Social Media to Promote. At the Bottom of every Interview click “Share On:”
a) Promote on any Social Media you are part of… Use this link http://bit.ly/1kWc03x
b) — Use the Hashtag #TGT #Tournament #Bracketxx (Whichever person’s bracket you are promoting) in the Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc (I’ll be searching for it. It will help your favourite creator,)
c) Go to your favourite creative person’s (listed below) Interview, Click on the image. Go to the bottom of the post and click Like for Facebook, Tweet the Twitter, +1 the Google+, Pin the Pintrest and StumbleUpon. Show your passion to your favourite creative person.

When does this Round begin / end?
Voting starts on Tuesday August 26th at 8AM EST and goes until Monday September 1st for Round 3, Votes are tallied on Sunday August 24th and announced on TGT’s Facebook, Twitter account (@KurtSasso and @TGTMedia) (Like and Follow for results and TGT News / Updates)

What if my favourite Combatant loses this round?
If one of the combatants loses their bracket fear not! The Loser of the Round with the MOST votes will move onto the Next Round (If there is an odd number of Combatants in the next Round)

Cheating Policy – Just don’t do it.
Please do not use any proxy servers or any sites that mask your IP addresses for extra votes, both parties in that Group will be disqualified. (I have had to do this in the past, I hate doing it.)

Here are the Round 3 Combatants. Get voting every Hour!

Round 3
Bracket 1 – Click on the Image to view the interview
TGT_EP287_RavenPerez_RavensDojo TGT_EP301_ByronWilkins

Round 3 - Bracket 1

  • Raven Perez from Raven’s Dojo (60%, 86 Votes)
  • Byron Wilkins from Webcomic Alliance (40%, 58 Votes)

Total Voters: 144

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Bracket 2 – Click on the Image to view the interview
TGT_EP302_AidanCasserly_Scapula TGT_EP285_MikeWitmer_PinkertonPark

Round 3 - Bracket 2

  • Aidan Casserly from Scapula (81%, 162 Votes)
  • Mike Witmer from Pinkerton Park (19%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 199

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Bracket 3 – Click on the Image to view the interview
TGT_EP299_VicGoldberg_TheClownPrinceofCharlotte TGT_EP276_BridgettSpicer_SquidRowComics

Round 3 - Bracket 3

  • Bridgett Spicer from Squid Row Comics (62%, 273 Votes)
  • The Clown Prince of Charlotte (38%, 165 Votes)

Total Voters: 437

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Bracket 4 – Click on the Image to view the interview
TGT_EP255_MOUSE TGT_EP366_Drezzworks

Round 3 - Bracket 4

  • Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan & Pilar from M.O.U.S.E (78%, 120 Votes)
  • Drezz Rodriguez from El-Cuervo (22%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 154

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Bracket 5 – Click on the Image to view the interview
TGT_EP164_Shadowbinders TGT_EP145_GOSV

Round 3 - Bracket 5

  • Dave Wachter and Jim Clark from The Guns of Shadow Valley (63%, 98 Votes)
  • Kambrea & Kneon Pratt from Shadowbinders (37%, 58 Votes)

Total Voters: 156

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Bracket 6 – Click on the Image to view the interview
TGT_EP296_FawnS_KojikaCosplay TGT_EP305_VoicesAgainstBullying

Round 3 - Bracket 6

  • Kojika Cosplay (80%, 523 Votes)
  • Voice against Bullying (20%, 128 Votes)

Total Voters: 651

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Bracket 7 – Click on the Image to view the interview
TGT_EP177_Adrastus TGT_EP293_HowieNoel_TaraNormal

Round 3 - Bracket 7

  • Liz Staley from Adrastus (62%, 144 Votes)
  • Howie Noel from Tara Normal (38%, 89 Votes)

Total Voters: 233

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