Those that follow me on Twitter: know that I have a sense of humour. So, I saw a good friend Agent Eben07 – from Eben07 mention about how he loves the stats when he looks at Google Analytics.

The below just came to my mind… If you would like, please add to the comments section and let’s make this an epic poem. 🙂

Ode to #Google #Analytics:

Oh Google Analytics, how you bring to me hope and dread, in the form of a simple hyperlink…

With one click, you show me how my website is doing, as if you are rating myself as a person on the interwebs…

Your harsh interpretation of the people that visit me on a daily basis makes me swoon and shudder for I never know what the next day brings…

Google Analytics you show me that the world is indeed watching and reading and seeing everything that I do and I wonder….

Why in my history I have all of North America and yet I can’t get Honduras to visit my site for the life of me….

Thus, my toils and effort put into this site will continue on.. and on… and on… Ode to the #Google #Analytics

One Response

  1. Eben07

    Just a minor correction – it’s not the stats I love, its the fact those stats are faces of fans that are reading Eben07. I feel so lucky that anybody cares and it’s amazing to me so many do!