Wrestling in general is called “Sports Entertainment”, however back in the day it was called the “Squared circle”; one on one, mano et mano; two people enter one person leaves; A sloberknocker of a drag down full on brawl! In other words; One hell of a great time.

“But, what does that have to do with webcomics?” I hear you say. “Everything” I reply, as that is what this spotlight is all about.

Wrestling webcomics are a rare genre in the webcomic community. Great and even amazing webcomics about Women’s Wrestling is even more rare and thus Alan “albone” Evans has aptly named his creation: Rival Angels – The #1 Wrestling webcomic.

As of right now, I dare any wrestling webcomic out there to try and take that title away from them. As it stands, I only see another webcomic that is on par and that would be Jesse “JusticeJr”‘s – El Diablito del Ring.

The story thus far takes four rookies and places them in the big time as we see them develop themselves in the glitz and glamour. Really the story centers around Sabrina “Ultragirl” Mancini and her rise to stardom through her looksm personality and her ability to win in the ring.

The one thing that this isn’t is a scripted comic. This isn’t sports entertainment. This is a mixture of mixed martial arts and wrestling rolled into one and it truly is action packed. While the fights aren’t all drawn out; there is the backstage politicking as well as the real life romances that do make their appearances from time to time.

What Alan does and does well besides the spectacular art and writing is the fact that he listens to his fans. Many are as hardcore into the wrestling from the major companies like: WWE and TNA, etc as well as the various Indie leagues around.

However if you aren’t into the whole “wrestling thing” and roll your eyes at it, you can easily pick up this webcomic and read it for a great and engaging story as well as the art which will blow your mind from page to page. With a hectic three day a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Alan is drawing at a steady rate and doesn’t seem like he is stopping.

Besides the comic itself, the forums are kicking, as well as the comments section after every page; many of his pages include video clips from YouTube highlighting finishing moves or other moves that many who don’t follow wrestling can appreciate.

Most recently Alan is going through a TV Tournament in the series and you can read about every wrestling in the tournament here: http://www.rivalangels.com/tvchampionship/ This shows that this isn’t just a webcomic about women wrestling, this is a webcomic about Alan’s passion for wrestling done properly to do the genre justice.

But, really it boils down to go and read the webcomic and tell Alan what you think of it. I just re-read the archive of 200+ pages and that’s my third time through. Also, Alan just recently did an interview with us on TGT which you can here: Episode 043 – Alan “albone” Evans from Rival Angels

In closing: ‘If you smelllllll…. what I’m cooking’ go and read Rival Angels and give me a “Hell Yah!”. As its better than snacking on a silm jim ‘Ohhhh, yeah!’…. Wooooo!!

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  1. Igar VonVanichi

    I never knew there was a webcomic like this amazing!