Normally when I do a spotlight it’s either something I’ve read or someone says, “You should read this.” I know I’m a push over. This was the case for this next comic: Surfboards and Rayguns by author Brad Overall

I mean what can compare to the life of a surfboard instructor living on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and surfing some of the best  waves on the planet? How about not only getting your heart broken but finding out about the fickle mistress that is Fate.

This story may not be unique but everyone can feel the sting of being in love but not having that returned. However, that’s not the main focal point of the story.

While we may think that we are the only intelligent lifeforms in this galaxy, there are others that would call us primitive. Enter in our heroine who makes quite a splash into our main characters life.

You will definitely enjoy reading this comic and will say, “Where is the rest of it?” This is the only drawback to this storyline and the author is apologetic in that regard.

Like everything real life takes its toll and he is making comics as quickly as he can.

This is one comic that will be worth the wait though. The artwork and colouring is truly impressive, you can tell the detail that is put into each drawing. Backgrounds, colours, facial expressions are all top notch.

So, hang ten and grab a drink with a little umbrella in it; as you read Brad Overall’s – Surfboards and Rayguns as you relax in your floral print shirt; a truly enjoy a great webcomic. Aloha! Surf’s Up and Pew Pew!

*NOTE* This webcomic is no longer available, which is truly a shame.

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