Super Summer Comic Con 2014 Review

Family Day, Comics and Comic Conventions. What’s not to love? The first ever Summer Comic Con was Super! Thanks to┬áMike Michalski and con staff. St. Clair College was more than accommodating and the place was packed from beginning to end of the show!

Here’s my review of the convention.

A few weeks ago Mike sent out an email requesting that Two Geeks Talking be in attendance at this one day convention. I was extremely flattered and was excited by the prospect of show Windsor and Essex-County what the show was all about.

The Gym at St. Clair College was large enough to hold over 75 tables and Vendors not only had more than enough room to place their wares/materials, but the convention goers had a ton of room to walk and there were no real bottle necks stopping any flow of traffic.

Our Table had a ton of traffic and it was great to interact with the fans. Many have seen or heard of the show from Online and on Facebook. So, that is always a pleasant surprise and I’m grateful for all those that take the time to listen and watch the shows.

The banner I created and had VistaPrint create helped out a lot. I received many compliments from creative people regarding it. I want to thank all the creative people that helped set me on the right path (Thanks Dawn, Drezz, Jamais and anyone else I forgot).

Product wise, I sold my Deadpool Shotglass (which I should have told Sarah about the washing instructions since it was only Hand wash and not Soaking in water or dishwasher)…. Cookbooks sold well for the short amount of time for a one day event. 5 books were sold at a slightly reduced rate.

But, enough about products and such, let’s talk about the rest of the convention.

There was a DJ that was spinning some great music but it was loud… I mean it didn’t help that we were really close to the table either. But, when you have Star Wars, Mario, Legend of Zelda 8-Bit music, and so many other awesome songs you tend not to care at all.

One thing I wanted to try differently this year was to interview Cosplayers and Comic Guests. Sarah, my intern and Journalist (who I hope will eventually become a full-time writer for the site) needed to be trained in the camera and audio recorder. This was the perfect event for it.

Sarah took it upon herself to Interview many Cosplayers, asking about their costumes and creativity. I should be able to put together a cosplayer video of sorts for the site coming soon.. This will tie in with Cosplay Month on TGT in September so it all works out.

Interview wise, I didn’t do too many only because I was focusing on being a good host behind the table.

I did get Johnny Desjardins who I’ve been wanting to interview for a while and J Torres. Two extremely talented comic creators. Sarah in the meantime, interviewed other comic creators and vendors.

To conclude, as a first time comic convention that tied in with Family Day, it was a huge success. Traffic flow was amazing. The show went off extremely well and really it’s all about meeting the fans of the show and making connections with new fans that have never heard of you. I look forward to seeing this convention be a HUGE success in the coming years, and as long as the community comes out to see creative people and support the local community of artists, then this will be a summer destination to come to. Great Job Mike and the convention staff! I can’t wait for December!

Here are some photos from the Convention as taken by Sarah Lau.