When two words collide – by ‘DJ. E’

I am a nerd/geek or what ever you call it these days, and I’m proud to be one. Yes some may say that I escape to this fantasy world believing in super heroes and legends. But nowadays, having an escape from the real world gives a sense of serenity and peace.

As a kid I used to listen to a lot of music. Ranging from pop, soul, jazz, hip-hop and a lot more. But nothing soothed the nerves with a good snare beat followed with a heavy beat. I loved Dj Jazzy Jeff, Run DMC and a like. These days I’ve been listening to Nujabes and Samon Kawamura, Djs that have that steady beat and easy tones.

When I search for music I tend to be picky at times. I listen to mainstream music from big artists/ mainstream moguls, as I would like to call it. But mostly I search for unsigned/unrecognized artists due to their creative freedom for their albums. I don’t know what gives them this certain flair about their music; the raw untouched style, which is the artist’s own, is seen,

Kurtis Sasso, a good friend of mine, gave me this CD of this artist named Adam Warrock. The album was named “The War for Infinity”, which caught my eye right away alongside the beautiful artwork that was the cover. At first I was kind of skeptical on the music since I had no idea who this artist was.

I got home and started listening to the album, after the first thirty seconds I was hooked. The steady beats were the vessel and the words of this lyrical assassin took me on a journey. My musical appetite was being fed, and as the album progressed I started to hear inputs of different comic book heroes. I listened to every track and every rhyme that was laid down into each song. And there it hit me, it was a two worlds colliding.

Adam Warrock is a brilliant artist as he joins the world of Hip Hop and Comic books, gaining a larger scope of people who would appreciate his music.