If you’ve read my review on EA Sports UFC game last month (which I hope you liked and shared it with your friends), I wanted to challenge myself to try something I haven’t done before. A Speedrun in a game. Normally, I like to take my time and plan things out.

With EA Sports UFC and the Create-A-Fighter single player campaign, I decided to try not only for the Achievement ” from the Submit your opponent in every fight without throwing a punch Achievement in EA Sports UFC game. Here’s my Speed Run using Submissions only. It’s from start to finish through the Heavyweight Create A Fight campaign, completed in under 3 hours.

*NOTE* All training sessions and load screens are sped up over 9000% (Yes, “It’s OVER 9000!!!!!!”)

Speedrun Total time (including load times): 3 Hours. I sped up the parts with training and point selection and only left the Videos, and the fights themselves (which on average lasted under or around 30 seconds each. Comment below and make sure to share your Speed runs in a comment below.

How do you challenge yourself when playing a video game like EA Sports UFC? Well you play through the game even faster! EA Sports UFC Speedrun!