Brian Anderson of Dog Eat Doug, the fun and lovable webcomic will be joining our show to talk about himself and of course Dog Eat Doug 😀 Those that want to ask him questions please feel free in the channel.

Dog eat Doug (often abbreviated DeD) is a comic strip written and illustrated by Brian Anderson. It began in 2004 as a webcomic that ran on the cartoonist’s homepage and Comics Sherpa, and was later picked up for newspaper syndication through Creators Syndicate. The newspaper run began on November 14, 2005.

The “Dog” in the title refers to Sophie, a female chocolate lab; Doug is the baby of Sophie’s owners. The two share a love-hate relationship in their everyday lives and imaginations. Doug’s parents also make appearances in the strip as minor characters, though they are only seen from the neck down.

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    • VertigoX

      Have to also thank Antoine Gagnon from The Drunken Fools for some amazing questions to ask Brian Anderson as well. Awesome Job Antoine!