It’s been a while since I have been interviewed by another podcast and it was a real pleasure in talking about TGT and other webcomics that we have interviewed or have been great influences just by reading them…

The hosts Steven Severt and M. Harris. (yes that’s his name) from Rival Comics Podcast… are not only webcomic authors from 2003 but they are also getting into the Podcasting circuit and I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by them.

We even had Arne Schulenberg, Michelle Van Zandt and Byron Wilkins stop by the interview as well.

You can listen to the first 36 minutes here and they will get the second half there as well.

One Response

  1. Steven Severt

    Thanks guys for coming on, it was a blast! We definitely learned a lot from you and were fortunate to have such experienced podcasters on our first show. We’re glad you came on and had a good time! Hopefully I’ll get some free time soon (between artwork, interviews,…a paying job, family, etc.) so I can do a better job with the audio and get the second half up. It looks like next weeks show will be an ode to Myspace (which deleted my comic before I relaunched my site…because of violence and explicit material or something). Hope you tune in!