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Spotlight: Not your average Dungeon Legacy adventure

You can find your faithful companions as you enter the local tavern and everyone says your name as you enter. The bartender is always cleaning the same mug and nods to you. Thus, begins your tale....So, if you haven't read through Dungeon Legacy, you are missing out on another great comic and should read it. Feel free to roll on humour checks you get natural 20 every time.

Spotlight: Two Rooks take King’s Bishop, Check

There is something to be said about film noir or to take it a step further webcomic noir. Most recently I spotlighted a webcomic Marsh Rocket. My first real webcomic noir. That author Jules Rivera mentioned over twitter that if I liked her work I would love this next author Alice Fox and her webcomic crime noir aptly named: Two Rooks.

Spotlight: Marsh-Rocket

The first thing that caught my eye was the variety of vibrant colours and the shading. It's definitely non-traditional in the sense of black and white or full colour as you can see in the variety of shots. Next came the amazing facial expressions of the characters. The pain, suffering, joy, anguish and death.

Spotlight: Surfboards and Rayguns

Normally when I do a spotlight it's either something I've read or someone says, "You should read this." I know I'm a push over. This was the case for this next comic: Surfboards and Rayguns by author Brad Overall. I mean what can compare to the life of a surfboard instructor living on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and surfing some of the best waves on the planet? How about not only getting your heart broken but finding out about the fickle mistress that is Fate.

Spotlight: For Ming! Fantasy Story

For those of you that don't know who he is Ming author of Fantasy Story. Then either you haven't had twitter very long and you haven't read a really great comic. The art style reminds me of a mixture of old style Asian paintings and manga style characters. It is usually done in black and white.